Research & Innovation

The Customer at the Heart

Innovation creates awesome new products that customers love. At Veip, our R&D teams also work on breakthroughs that will build a brighter future. Innovation is at the heart of Veip’s desire to grow sustainably. Science, innovation and product development are key to our plans to continue providing customers with extraordinary products that enhance their lives while positively affecting nature and society.

Finding better approaches to grow sustainably

Every one of our innovations depend on key insights into what customers want and need. We aim to create products that have purpose, with the goal that customers choose them again and again. We work on a wide portfolio of projects, joining the search for breakthrough technologies with the consistent drive to react to competitors, approach new markets, and make our products more sustainable.

The products we create through innovation, whether by ourselves or through our extensive partnerships with leading scientists, academic institutions, suppliers and specialist organizations, assume a vital role in our desire to make a beneficial impact on the world around us. Many of the challenges of improving health and well-being, diminishing environmental impact, and enhancing hygiene will be met through science and technology – and we want to be at the spearhead of this endeavour.

Excellence from laboratory to shelf

Our innovation procedure goes through three fundamental stages – research, development, and product launch:

Research at our world-class facilities

Our research intends to unite together the best thinking and ideas from wherever they exist – not only do we combine the best scientific aptitude from within Veip, but we additionally work closely with colleges and specialist organizations. We have a solid record for accomplishing breakthrough developments – disruptive technologies that address customers needs better than any accessible alternatives, and which can make a major impact.

Creating products that meet customers needs

Product design teams take our breakthroughs in science and innovation above and beyond, transforming novel knowledge into the products that customers want and need. Development and testing of new technology processes until it fits the product description – idealizing a formulation with the goal that it looks great and is stable when stored, for instance, or developing packaging that suits the product design, pleases the customers, and minimises ecological impact. Next we test the product thoroughly – first to guarantee it is safe and will live up to our benchmarks of performance, then with customers to make sure it addresses their needs.

Launching new products into our markets

Our R&D Deploy teams draw on local knowledge – for example customers preference, the regulatory structure, legal contemplations and competitor products – as they prepared a product for dispatch into a new market. They work closely with partners in marketing and supply chain to ensure the new product can be manufactured efficiently and meets the needs of our customers.

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