About Us

A Global Business

Veip has a basic but clear purpose – to make hygiene commonplace. We trust this is the best long-term route for our business to develop. With multiple products concentrated on hygiene and environmental health, we touch many people’s lives in so many different ways.

Responsible business

To install sustainability into each phase of the life cycle of our products, we’re working with our suppliers to support mindful approaches to our environment. We’re additionally learning from NGOs and different associations, perceiving that building a genuinely sustainable business is not something we can manage without expert guidance

At the heart of our business is our motivation – to make sustainable hygiene typical. Organizations are progressively understanding the role that motivation can play and Veip alongside numerous others has signed up to the Blueprint for Better Business activity, which helps business grow their motivation and install it within the association, and in addition move the conversation of the business division as a whole.

We trust that as a business we have an obligation to our customers and to the groups in which we have a presence. Around the globe we invest in local economies and build people’s skills inside and outside of Veip.

Impact & innovation

We understand innovation is vital to our progress, and through forefront science we’re continually upgrading our products, enhancing their hygienical properties, effectiveness, or functionality. We invest consistently in research and development, and have established laboratories where our scientists explore new thinking and techniques, applying their expertise to our products. Consumer research assumes an indispensable role in this procedure. Our unrivalled global reach permits us to get closer to customers in local markets, guaranteeing we comprehend their differing needs and priorities.

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